Declaration of conformity to the Technical Regulators of Customs Union is a document that certifies compliance to mandatory safety requirements for products as a subject of declaration of conformity in accordance with the legislation of the Customs Union, as a certificate TR CU, declaration of conformity giving a right to trading of products on the common market States members of Customs Union.

In some Technical Regulators, the applicant has a right to substitute declaration of certification, difference between declaration and certificate is that the declaration has not letterhead of State sample, manufacturer or his authorized person/organization, on paper, reports conformity of products to requirements of technical regulations, puts his seal and signature and next checked declaration approves and registering by certification body.

Registration of declaration TR CU can be:

  • on basis of own evidence, test results of independent laboratory of the applicant;
  • on evidence based on test report of accredited testing laboratory of Customs Union.

Filled TR CU declaration sending together with registration statement, attached package of documents by the applicant to the certification body, which verifies the submitted documents, the correctness, and in case of positive decision, registers the declaration.

We are notifying that accreditation area of certification body “CEIS Group Rus” includes:

– TR CU 010/2011 “On safety of machines and equipment”, came into force 15.02.2011;

– TR CU 016/2011 “On safety of devices working on gaseous fuel”, came into force 15.02.2011;

– TR CU 032/2013 “On safety of equipment working under overpressure”, came into force 01.02.2014.

Please fill the application form for declaring is given at this link or contact one of the following ways: Tel./Fax: +7 4922 37 12 89. E-mail: or form of request below.